We need support

When the centre was opened in 2006, not only Egyptology did not exist in Armenia but the premises attributed by Yerevan State University to house the centre’s library and director’s office had to be rebuilt, including new outside walls and double glazed windows, and heavily renovated. This initial renovation, which took six months, is still not complete. The ceilings of the rooms in particular need to be ordered and placed, whereas the second floor of the library (ceilings are 9 m high)  need to be built to house the staff’s desk and liberate the reading area.

The centre is only funded by the Republic of Armenia with no outside money or donation so far recorded, except for the “Sarcophagus Project” research project. The decision of creating a previously unknown discipline in the country and one certainly not listed on the country’s immediate priorities was a very courageous one taken by the authorities and scientists of Armenia. Moreover the High Scientific Council of Armenia moreover provided in 2011-2012 all computer equipment which could be asked following the centre’s second winning of the very difficult National Thematic Competition. Receipt of this material has boosted the centre’s work and research achievements beyond expectations.

Today the centre needs outside financial support in four areas which the republic can not so far further sustain on its budget :

  • The finishing of the centre’s renovation and the above mentioned library extension (not only to liberate work space but also to increase shelving space for books).
  • The acquisition of books, many very needed for our fundamental researches. Note that we obviously welcome donations of books.
  • Travel money, particularly for our staff to update itself in foreign libraries and/or colleague insitutions. As whatever our budget will be for book acquisition in our domains of specialisations it will never be equal to some  Egyptology institutions’ which buy “everything”.
  • Finally, money to excavate in Egypt as a minimum of $15.000 per year is necessary for AEC staff to travel to Egypt and remain there for a study season of no less than six weeks. So far AEC staff has not been able to start excavating in Egypt because of lack of funds.

Other specific needs include:

  • A $500 budget to frame some pre-20th century engravings and documents which would look good on our walls (we have a collection of engravings starting in 1575).
  • A $ 1000 budget to buy a glass exhibit to expose the few ancient Egyptian items which have entered our centre and some Egyptology memorabilia;  as well as topay for their restoration/preservation needs.
  • A $ 2500 budget to finish the “Sarcophagus Project” (see our newsletters or click here for an article about this project) and reconstruct for the  first time an ancient Egyptian varnish.

Hence if you wish to help us financially you may either contact us through our email egyptology@ysu.am, or you can use the links below to make an online donation with your credit card. Once a donation is made, your name will appear on this website’s “Donors” page (Obviously should you wish to remain anonymous, please be kind to inform us and your name will not appear).

We are looking forward to receiving your support,


The AEC staff

To donate :

USD 50 (or equivalent) : CLICK HERE

USD 100 (or equivalent) : CLICK HERE 

USD 500 (or equivalent) : CLICK HERE

USD 1000 (or equivalent) : CLICK HERE

Or any other amount of your choice : CLICK HERE

Thank you!

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