The Staff

Staff, Research Associates, Honorary Members, Donators & Students

AEC staff

  • Dr. Christian Tutundjian de Vartavan, Director
  • Lady Arminée Arakelyan, Assistant of director & Researcher
  • Ms Askhen Zakharyan, Head Librarian & Curator of Collections

Persons doing research with us on a regular basis

  • Ms Ingeborg Waanders (Holland) – Senior Research Associate
  • Mrs. Lenka Peacock, Research Associate – Librarian, UCL, London (UK).

Scholars in contact with our centre on a regular basis

  • Dr . Dimitri Meeks, University of Montpellier – former director of research (CNRS – France) .
  • Prof. Richard Wilkinson, Regents Professor, The University of Arizona (USA), Honorary Member of the centre

Founding & Life Members

  • Prof. Dr. Aram Simonyan, Rector, Yerevan State University (YSU)
  • Prof. Dr. Babken Haroutyounyan, Academician & History Faculty, YSU
  • Prof. Dr. Samvel Harouyounyan, Former Vice-Rector, YSU
  • Prof. Dr. Haik Avetissyan, Former Dean & Head of Archaeo. Dept., YSU
  • Dr. Vahram Petrossyan, General Secretary, Yerevan State University
  • Dr. Merujan Garabedyan, Head of Digilib [American Univ. in Yerevan]

Honorary Life Members

  • H. E. Wahid Galal, Ambassador of Egypt in Armenia
  • Mr Frederic Grapin, Former Consul of France in Armenia
  • Regents Prof. Dr. Richard Wilkinson, Egyptian Archaeology Dept., Univ. of Arizona
  • Prof. Dr. Dimitri Meeks, Egyptologist, The University of Montpellier, France
  • Mr Samvel Tatoyan, Saberatours, Paris, France
  • Mrs Christine Argillet, Christine Argillet Gallery, Los Angeles
  • Mr Jean Kazandjian, Artist, Paris.
Students (reduced to one in 2010)


The following two staff members also receive an Egyptology education

  • Lady Arminée ARAKELYAN, Researcher, AEC.
  • Ms. Ashkhen ZAKHARYAN, Head Librarian, AEC


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