IMPORTANT: In view of the advances of the electronic world and the introduction of such devices as the Kindle, Advances in Egyptology will only be in PDF/numerical form from September 2012. Moreover for a faster diffusion of Egyptological advances articles will be separately published and immediately diffused on academia.edu and other such supports.


CONTENTS (1-100)

  • Christian de Vartavan (Armenia) Snt[r]/snt[r] means «[divine/Godly]scent ».
  • Daniel Arpagaus (Switzerland) On the alleged phonetic value /p/ of the frog hieroglyph in Ptolemaic.
  • Alain Anselin  (France (Martinique)) L’arbre im3,  étude du  mot  et  de  son signe (Aegyptio-Graphica XIX).
  • Roberto R. Rodriguez (Argentina) Ethnicity and interethnic relations during Egypt’s Old Kingom.
  • Edward Loring (Russia) The Leather Funerary Shrine of Istemkheb B.
  • Jean-Bernard Huchet (France) Archaeoentomological study of the insect remains found within the mummy of Namenkhet Amun (San Lazzaro Armenian Monastery, Venice/Italy).


  • Ashkhen Zakharyan (AEC Head Librarian) 2008 – 2009 publications in our fields of research in our library (by author, thereafter by subjects).


CONTENTS (1-157)

  • Christian de Vartavan (Armenia) Ancient Egyptian Words Cognates of their Equivalents in Proto-Indo European and Various Indo-European Languages?
  • Arminée Arakelyan (Armenia) Ancient Egyptian and Armenian Probable Cognates: Preliminary Research.
  • Daniel Arpagaus (Switzerland) Keper’s appeal before Ramesses III – or the motivation behind killing unarmed enemies.
  • Mladen Tomorad (Croatia) Shabtis from the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb (Croatia): a typological study.


  • Ashkhen Zakharyan (AEC Head Librarian) 2009 – 2010 publications in our fields of research in our library (by author, thereafter by subjects).
CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS FOR ADVANCES IN EGYPTOLOGY No. 3 (2012)!AUTHORS’ DEADLINE : No dead line – articles are published when ready.

Advances in Egyptology (AinE) is the new bulletin of Egyptology of Yerevan State University’s Armenian Egyptology Centre, under the general editorship of its director Dr. C. Tutundjian de Vartavan.AinE accepts articles which clearly contribute to the advance of Egyptological knowledge and make a step forward into the unknown.

An abstract describing the novel aspect of the contribution is required at the beginning of the text. Please note that this is a key and compulsory requirement for the acceptation of sent articles.

Format of presentation (including transliteration style) is indifferent provided sources may be easily and precisely retrieved (op. cit., idem, ibidem, etc.. are hence forbidden). Contributions will thereafter be re-formatted according to the bulletin’s presentation & standards.

Black and white photographs may be inserted at will; color photographs or plates are also accepted in reasonable numbers if justified.

The authors receive one copy of the bulletin and the PDF of their article under the agreement that diffusion of the latter, by e-mail or in print, will be made in a responsible and controlled manner.

Please e-mail your contribution to:


[Please replace “_AT_” by @]


Order from us:

email “egyptology_AT_ysu.am”

(£ 25/$ 38.50 per copy) + Post & Package.

Or copies are also available from:

Austria: Phoibos Verlag
Anzengrubergasse 16/9
A-1050 Wien
Tel (+43) (0)1 544 03 191
Fax (+43) (0)1 544 03 199


FRANCE: Librairie Cybele 65 bis Rue Galande, 75005, Paris. (+33) (0)1 43 54 16 26. cybele5@wanadoo.fr

If you wish to order and download online the PDF copy of the individual papers please click here to order from SAIS : http://saisacademic.atspace.com

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